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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  October 6, 2012 10:00pm-10:45pm PDT

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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. developing news out of san francisco, where u.s. park police are linked to an officer- involved shooting. good evening, i'm ken pritchett in for ken wayne tonight. >> i'm heather holmes. >> we begin with that developing news in san francisco where we learned that u.s. park police fired earlier this morning at a suspect. ktvu's noelle walker is live near the scene to explain what led up to the shooting. >> reporter: heather we're on lincoln, which
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is closed to traffic. i'm going to step out of way so you can see the investigation goes on. i'm told lincoln will be closed for traffic for the next several hours while officers involved this officer-involved shooting. crime scene evidence markers mark the spot at very edge of the city where people come to take in the scenic views. police say money came to break into a car. >> one of our officers witnessed someone trying to break into a vehicle. when he approached that person, the suspect tried to run him over with a vehicle. >> reporter: that is when the u.s. park police officer fired his gun, several times, hitting the suspect vehicle. >> the suspect left the area. we have done a search for the vehicle, but have not yet found it. >> reporter: tonight police set up roadblocks, checking cars, letting only presidio residents through. >> we take the safety of our officers and the visitoors very seriously and at all-times we
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were looking to as we continue to keep this closure we're looking to keep everybody safe. >> reporter: so you are looking at the flashpoint of this investigation. that is the vehicle that the suspect, police say was trying to break into at the time the officer fired his weapon. again, lincoln boulevard closed between colby and the 25th avenue gate for the next several hours in case you v- happen to have to travel in this area. they are letting residents in the presidio through this area, but just casual traffic not being let through. the suspect vehicle is an older models tan buick sedan. an older model tan buick sedis the suspect investigation. reporting live in san francisco, noelle walker kutv channel 2 news. playoff fever is in full swing on both sides of bay. both the giants and a's took to the field as they hunt for a
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spot in this year's world series. we have team coverage. fred inglis is live in new york, but first we go to debora villalon live outside of at&t park with the giant's first playoff game just ended. >> reporter: just about to end not the way they wanted, not the way they launched their world series drive two years ago ago. clutch hitting seemed to have failed. tonight might be remembered for its better mosts like quarterback alex smith lobbing the first pitch 7th inning trevor immelman reds up, giants scoreless, but these fans refused to sing the blues. their high pirits captured by pitcher sergio romo, who skipped on the field and that
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welcome for dusty baker, acknowledging his years. in these hands $150 seats received as gifts. >> we were in arizona, we got to sit in front, but now we're at a real game. at a playoff game. >> reporter: this pandemonium screams home-field advantage. even visible to the pilots. >> coming over the stadium was absolutely awesome. >> we r i had a chance to see the firework and it was definitely awesome. >> reporter: they landed and got here for the 2nd inning, trading flight helmets for baseball caps. not so lucky, alex smith. who can't linger after his pitch, scooting back to prepare for tomorrow's 49ers game. no heat from the star quarterback, but he admits he was nervous. >> yeah, not hitting a moving target and stand on a hill, it's different though.
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>> reporter: you said you didn't practice. >> very little, just yesterday and today threw a couple. >> reporter: smith told me it was an honor, but he admits he hasn't played baseball since he was 10. he had a very understanding crowd. not so much how to about the score. so far tonight, 5-1 and this game is about to end. it wasn't much better for the bay area's other division champs in detroit. we're going to go there now to fred inning inglis. >> reporter: at comerica park, it was really ready to party and detroit nearly doubled the r's home attendance this year, 3.2 million to just 1.7 million for the a's. and there was some bay area fans who did manage to get a
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ticket and fly out here to see their overachieving comeback kids. in april did you think you were going to go to an a's playoff game? >> honestly, no. but i always had hop for the a's. >> the giants are home? >> we're going to cincinnati on tuesday. >> this way we get to show support where there is not much support. so i'm going to try to make enough noise to make it seem like there are more of us here than there actually are. >> reporter: good luck. in the 7th inning he faced two tigers and got two outs. this after pat and his wife stephanie lost their son wednesday. less than 24 hours after he was
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born. pat's teammates wore a patch in honor of pat's late son. >> kind of just grabbed the ball and threw it. i didn't really think about what was happening. i don't think i would have got a lot of messages on twitter and text messages, i don't think i could have came back. and just getting that support, you know, and getting it made me so happy to know that they supported me the whole time. >> reporter: you could tell that the a's are young, but they really do consider themselves a family and they are going to have to bond again tomorrow after losing today's game. it's going to be a 9:00 a.m. pacific time start and they are going to be facing another very
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tough pitcher with the detroit tigers. joe fonzi and myself have highlights later in sportswrap. reporting live in detroit, fred inglis, ktvu channel 2 news. here is the bay area a fans gathered at riskey's sports grill in san leandroo to watch the game. everyone we spoke to said they were confident that the a's would survive the series with the detroit tigers. the owner of rickey's says interest is nothing like cheering the home team. >> we did find one giant's fan among the bunch and said his ultimate hope is to see a bay bridge series. >> nearly a million people are expected to pack san francisco for all events this weekend. the hardly strictly bluegrass festival drew a huge crowd
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and thousands had their eyes to the sci to catch a glimpse of the blue angels, but one of the most dramatic moments was perhaps caught along the shoreline as oracle's jimmy spithill flipped his boat. he didn't finish, but did come in second place in the following race. ktvu's news crews were at all of the major events and we'll have complete highlights for you coming up a little bit later at 10:30. manual just look at how perfect the weather was this morning for fleet week's flotilla of ships, but will those conditions hold up for tomorrow's events? coming up, our meteorologist mark tamayo will have. an accident occurred at 1:00 this morning on southbound lanes of freeway near alvaradoo niles road.
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moments later police say a suspected drunk driver slammed into her car. two other cars were also involved. eight people were hurt. a witness say the suspected drunk driver was arrested at the scene. a san mateo neighborhood is back to normal after homemade explosives were discovered this morning. the park and a dozen homes nearby were evacuated for hours. a hazmat crew and bomb squad cleared the area. the bottles were sent for the police forensic lab for testing. oakland police have identified the 21-year-old man sho-shot and killed last night in east oakland. officers were able to pull him from the vehicle, which had burst into flames after it crashed. meredith was taken to the hospital, where he later died. norm man was found nearby shot
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in the leg. he was also taken to the hospital, but is expected to survive. also in oakland police tonight shot and killed a pit bull after they say it charged an officer. a neighbor on vicksburg avenue in the fruitvale neighborhood called police about an aggressive dog. according to this neighbor when the officers arrived the dog charged from the other side of this wooden fence. >> no other choice, but to shoot the dog and when he shot the dog one time, the dog still tried to charge at him. sew had to shoot him one more time. the neighbor says the pit bull has a history of being aggressive, but never like today, which is why she called police. occupy protesters disrupted traffic. one officer was struck in the
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head, but his injuries are nonlife-threatening. the group was arrested at california and battery streets and a smaller breakoff group was arrested at samson and pine. >> no justice, no peace. >> in a separate rally in san francisco, dozens marked the 11th anniversary of the afghanistan war and called for an end to all wars. the group marched to the grand hyatt hotel in solidarity with the hotel workers union. the group says they are fighting the same fight and want to stop the war on what he call the ward around world over-a young girl is hit and killed in a daly city church parking lot and why people at the scene were surprised to find out this accident turned fatal. >>. a republican congressman is making headlines because of what he said about evolution and other theories.
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a home investigation is underway in hercules and why the victim's husband doesn't believe the crime was random.
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. it all happened at a dalycy church unfor some reason a minivan plowed into a group of people, killing a 6-year-old girl, ktvu's matt keller is live in daly city where police are still looking for answers. >> reporter: ken you can still see the marks
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in the parking lot from the police investigation. this happened as mass was starting this morning. daly city police officers were still here at the small parking lot at st. andrews church this afternoon collecting evidence. they first arrived on the scene at 9:00 a.m. getting several 911 calls. >> when the officers responded they say three female victims on the ground. >> reporter: police say a 6-year-old girl and two women in their mid-40s were hit by a minivan. investigators say one of the woman is the girl's mother. they were taken to san francisco general hospital where the young girl died. the reyes family came for the regularly scheduled mass and saw the three victims after the accident, including the young girl. >> i was happy to see her breathing, but i knew she was in shock. >> reporter: gennis reyes saw the three victims taken away by ambulance, but didn't realize that the 6-year-old girl had
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died until now? >> did she? oh, my god. the little girl died. oh, my god. >> reporter: the shock and sadness spread through the church, even though the victims' names have not been released, people in the close-knit community are expecting to know them. >> it could be someone we know relative and i'm just shocked. i'm just really shocked. >> our prayers are with the family. sorry. >> reporter: both victims are in the hospital and officers say they are still investigating what led up to the accident. police say the driver of the minivan was distraught at scene and was not arrested or cited. reporting live in daly ciscoe matt keller ktvu channel 2 news. police in east palo alto are searching for clues in two deadly shootings.
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the first happened last night, police say the victim 21-year- old christopher baker died at scene. both men are in east palo alto. police say so far they haven't made arrests in either killing. officers say 23-year-old sexuallyy assaulted a girl. police found him nearby and arrested him a short time later. >> a grieving husband is trying to understand just why and how his wife was killed in their home in hercules. ktvu's patti lee spoke to the man about the item now missing and what it could mean for investigators. >> reporter:
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investigators. >> reporter: ko fought back tears. he says he knew something was wrong last night when susie failed to pick him up at the airport and didn't answer her phone and that is why susie ko's body was discovered in the doorway. >> it's hard to believe that someone randomly dropped by. >> reporter: ko says his wife of 34 years had no enemies, but believes she may have been targeted. >> i always worry because i was always away from home, working in idaho and leaving her by herself. >> reporter: police say that the 55-year-old ko suffered traumatic injuries and her car was stolen. hercules police and the ko family is asking for the public's help in locating a missing car, taken from the family garage last night a. 2011 suburbia pale blue with idaho plates. a facebook page was set to
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collect tips about the stolen car that has shocked this close night ash court cul-de-sac. they say at this point in the investigation, there are no arrests. but no shortage of potential suspects. in hercules, patti lee, ktvu channel 2 news. in election 2012 coverage president obama appears headed to becoming the first candidate in american history to have a billion dollar campaign. mr. obama and the democratic party have received donations from nearly 4 million people since he announce his re- election campaign. according to a tweet from from the president more than 1.8 people donated $181 million last month. so far the re-election campaign has raised about $947 million. another important number for the president is yesterday's unemployment figures, which he
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mentioned in today's weekly presidential address. >> after losing about 800,000 jobs a month, we have added 5.2 million over the past two and a half years and we learned that the unemployment rate is at the lowest level. >> the president went on to call on the republican- dominated congress to in his words "stop standing in the way of measures to cut middle-class taxes and stimulate the economy." meantime republican presidential candidate mitt romney campaigned today in florida. romney says the president's policies would "kill the american dream," and the way to ensure a brighter future is cut government spending. behind the scenes campaign workers worked towards the goal of contacting 2 million voters by phone in florida as well as other swing states. >> a republican congressman
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from georgia is making national headlines today. after comments he made about his religious beliefs were posted on a church website. >> evolution big bang theory, all of that is lies, straight from hell. >> representative paul broun made those comments at a baptist church in georgia. the church has since removed the video, but the bridge project, the political watchdog group reposted the video. broun is a medical doctor and said cites on the house committee of space and technology. he is running for re-election, unopposeed. volunteers from the yes on proposition 30 campaign gathered this morning in front of mcclymonds high school. the measure is backed by governor brown and would raise the sales tax and race income tax on high earners to raise
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money for schools and colleges. >> it's about the children. it's about the community. it's about time. it's about us having enough resources. >> opponents of proposition 30 were also at the event and they urged voters to vote no on the measure. if approved proposition 32 would severely restrict the amount of monies unions can contribute to political campaigns. support is growing for a bay area gay teenager who was denied his eagle scout award. hear what some otherwise eagle scouts are doing. a prehistoric found in russia. what an 11-year-old boy unchord has scientists clamoring to preserve it. and it weather the weekend off to a nice stop and coming up at 10:38 the forecast for? of the major events taking place tomorrow.
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. >> a radical museum cleric face ade federal judge on terrorism charges in new york. abu hamza al-masri arrived in new york after being extradited from england. he is being treed in kidnapping westerners and establishing a jihadist training catch in oregon. he was one of the highest profile radicallic islamic figures in british and in britain. the south california man behind that anti- muslim film nakoula basseley nakoula. is he currently being held in custody after it was determined
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he was a flight risk. israeli jets intercepted and shut down a drone this morning. the drone came from the mediterranean say, but do not know the country of on or before. there were suspension that the drone was launched byherence, launched hezbollah. in france, raids led to a shoot-out and death in the man suspected of carrying oa grenade attack on a kosher grocery store last month. police say the 33-year-old suspect fired on officers, slightly wounding three. as we killed when officers returned fire. 11 other men were arrested and police say the men are suspected of being members of same jihadist group. and from siberia comes video of a teen pulling a well- preserved mammoth carcass from
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the permafrost. an 11-year-old boy found the remains about 1100 miles northeast of moscow. woolly mammoths are thought to have died 10,000 years ago, but scientists say it's possible smaller groups lived in alaska and off the siberian cost. the pope's former butler was convicted of stealing documents and leaking them to a journalist. they found paolo gabriele guilty and is he said he did it because he didn't think the pope was being informed of what he call evil corruption. the pope is expected to issue a pardon. death toll stands at seven for the meningitis outbreak in nine eastern states. the centers for disease control reported 64 cases the disease. outbreak is linked to steroid shots made by a pharmacy in massachusetts, used to treat back pain that appeared to be contaminated with a fungus. some of the medicine was shipped to california, but so far there have been no reports of problems here.
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we are halfway through a very, very busy weekend in san francisco. we will have the latest from all of today's festivities and look ahead to what is on tap for tomorrow. and gas prices in california reach a record-high. when experts say drivers can expect to see relief at the pump. and a reminder that you can get ktvu news to go right on your cell phone download the ktvu app and click the live icon to watch our news live. politicians say unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento, they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools,
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. if you couldn't find anything to do in san francisco today, you probably were not looking. ktvu's cysteine kafton tells us that the city was packed with visitors today and is planning for more of the same tomorrow. >> reporter: if you were singing the blues
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in san francisco today, it wasn't because there was nothing to do. hardy districtly bluegrass festival continued today with crowds in the thousands. >> the blue angels. they are all impressive, but the blue angels are phenomenal. >> reporter: just a few hundred yards away america cup fans lined the shoreline, watching the sailboats. >> we have the ac 45s and blue angels and look at this location. we have the golden gate bridge and the beautiful people. >> reporter: giant fans hope that the reds don't have the boys in black and orange singing the blues. it's the first playoff appearance for the giants since they are world series win in 2010 and fans zipped from one side of town to the other. >> we saw blue angels and the
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best of the f-22 raptor. it was awesome, and is there a better day than ending with the giant's victory? >> victory for the giants. >> reporter: as if all of today's action wasn't enough, the giants play game 2 and the 49ers take on the buffalo bills and the italian heritage parade and there is lots do. in san francisco christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all the events created quite a traffic problem throughout san francisco, especially here along the embarcadero. muni, bart, caltrain, golden gate transit and the fertries all added special service to help accommodate the crowds. that service will continue tomorrow as well. our coverage continues on- line. go to and click on the weekend extra tab for a list of what is on tap tomorrow in san
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francisco. gas prices hit all-time record prices. triple-a recording that the average cost $4.69, $4.63 in seasons and oakland. the sudden cost increase blamed in per quarter on a refinery in southern california that stopped production result of a power outage. support is growing for the bay area teen denied scouting's highest rank, the eagle award because he is gay. ryan anderson's mother started this on-line petition which know has more than 328,000 signatures. the moraga teenager said hisfiable project, an antibullying tolerance was rejected by a scoutmaster because he admitted he is gay there. are reports of eagle scouts returning their badges and some businesses and charities say they will no longer donate to the scouts until the
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organization end it's no-gays policy. mountain lions are moving west from nevada into california. that is according to a new report. research's rers say that may because the sierra nevada has more food for the big cats to eat or it might be because mountain lions are hunted in nevada, but not in california. california is home to an estimated 4,000 to 6,000 mountain lions compared to 3,000 in nevada. it looked a little bit like a rodeo in downtown oakland today. >> hundreds came out for the annual oakland black cowboy heritage parade and festival in west oakland. congresswoman barbara lee waived to the crowd and city councilman ignacio district attorney de la fuenteo galloped his way through the parade. our meteorologist mark
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tamayo will be here with a look at when you may see some sprinkles. that demand qualified college graduates. many in the bay area. at devry university, our market-responsive bachelor's and master's degree programs can give you what you need to succeed in today's careers and the ones on the horizon. get the know how you need for a new tomorrow at our 4 bay area locations, online or both. learn more at and let nothing stand in your way.
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. a little bit of the germany in oakland today as oktoberfest was held at the diamond district. in the 1900's the area was largely a german community and home to many beer gardens. there was plenty of fun stuff for the nondrinking crowd, including arts and crafts that were for sale as well as free music to enjoy. well, we had great weather for oktoberfest and fleet week and the games. meteorologist mark tamayo.
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the change includes a few showers, but thankfully not for tomorrow of the rest of the weekend should be fine and, in fact, ribnow we have mostly clear skies. can you can see a little bit of overcast on the stoplight and this will increase by coverage in next3-6 hours. temperatures from today ranged from the 60s to the 70s. remember a few days ago we had 90s and triple-digits. san francisco topped at 6 and antioch around 73 degrees. all of the events taking place this weekend in san francisco and, in fact, a very busy weekend across the entire bay area. golden gate park patchy clouds for the hardly strictly bluegrass festival. and for fleet week and america's cup blue angels scheduled to start at 3:00 and partly sunny skies. temperatures oeither on either
10:39 pm
side of 60 degrees. the for the giant's game, fare skies. and the niners back in town. playing the bills and partly sunny skies, temperatures back up into the mid-60s. overnight lows first thing another will be pretty chilly. definitely bundle up in the north bay. san francisco 52 and san josi starting out the day in the lower 50s. i have a track of this weather system offshore and the key challenge of forecasting this, it's not really a direct push to push us anywhere. so result tomorrow not too much change except some cloud cover to start our sunday morning. here is the eventual track of that system. monday we'll thicken up the clouds and slight chance of showers tuesday and into wednesday. but if this low wobbles off this path, that could change
10:40 pm
our forecast. so it does bear watching over next few days. overnight tonight into early sunday morning, cloud coverage on the increase coast side and with that partly to mostly cloudy skies. into the afternoon hours, still partly cloudy skies in the shoreline. more sunshine as you work your way inland. livermore 73 degrees. san josi lower 70s. 72 and san francisco, some clouds in the morning, gradually becoming partly sunny with a forecasted of 64. your five-day forecast. there is that slight chance of showers into tuesday. a chance into wednesday. might have to hold on the
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chance of sprinkles or the next few days. . thank you. sure. spice x the california- based cargo company is set to send another shipment so to the international space station. the company plans to launch tomorrow night from cape canaveral. this is the second spacex mission to the international space station. the dragon capsule made it's first successful dock last moe. coming up next, more from detroit as we hear from the a's after game 1 against the tigers. the giants kick off their series against the reds. complete highlights next in sportswrap.
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. good evening everyone and
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welcome to this saturday night edition of sportswrap of the day dawned with high hopes fore bay area's two baseball teams, one in detroit and one at home. it ended with them both down one game in their respective series. warm reception for manager dusty baker when the two teams were introduced at at&t park. and matt cain with a nice play behind him. belt collects himself, the umpire sees that he also managed to hang onto the baseball. cain hung a breaking ball to fill yeps with a run upper abroad. jay bruce hit one where very few batters at at&t park can. brew goes to the deepest part of the year. 3-0 game. the reds had pitching issues when


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